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Getting to work this morning sucked.

I was making good time up until route 17 stopped all the way and all cuz of construction. Traffic was redirected towards the midland ave exit and there were detour signs. Thankfully I came up with the idea to go against the detour and found the parkway which led me to 17, I was worried it still wouldn't be open there but it was. I was using my phone but its hard to do while driving. I ended up getting to work at 8 and I feel bad one of the guys was waiting. The phones not ringing as much, I should take this as an opportunity to get my work done.

Its really bleak outside, very snow weather. Apparently its supp to snow, who knows.

Last night was stupid, I didn't end up sleeping till 5 something and was dead tired and still high this morning. Mike agreed tht I act different when I smoke just me and him versus with other people, I guess I just get very protective of him and cuz I'm more experienced I feel like I need to look out for him. Meh I want us to have fun tho.

I have so much school work. I don't really know how its all going to get done,